The Constitution of the Investment Analyst Society of South Africa

(As amended 21st May 1969)
(As amended 18th June 1974)
(As amended 23rd May 1977)
(As amended 6th June 1984)
(As amended 30th June 1998)
(As amended 30th June 1999)
(As amended 26th June 2002)
(As amended 20th April 2005)


  1. Name : The Society shall be called “The Investment Analysts Society of Southern Africa”.
  2. Office : The office of the Society shall be situated in the Republic of South Africa.
  3. Objects : The objects of the Society will be:
    • (a) To improve the general quality of investment analysis and analytical techniques:
    • (b)To establish and maintain professional standards in the investment sphere:
    • (c) To foster the interchange of ideas amongst those concerned with investment matters, with a view to the solution of common problems:
    • (d)To establish courses of professional training in investment analysis:
    • (e) To present authoritative opinions on appropriate legislative matters:
    • (f) To encourage the study of investment analysis and to attract the entry of newcomers to the field:
    • (g)To promote public awareness and understanding of the functions of investment analysis:
    • (h)To create a channel of communication with similar societies and bodies in other countries: and
    • (i) To undertake anything that is incidental or conducive to the attainment of the above objectives individually or collectively.