Membership Application

Application for Membership of the Investment Analysts Society of South Africa (IAS) 

The Investment Analysts Society has been operating for over 53 years and is one of the prominent such specialised bodies, still in existence, worldwide.

The aim of the Society is to bring together investment professionals in South Africa as well as persons who have investments in listed securities on South Africa and wish to be better informed on the markets.

The membership of the IAS includes, not only investment analysts, but also Financial Services Providers (FSPs), Stockbrokers, Asset Managers, Auditors, Accountants, Actuaries, educationalists, academics and retired investment professionals.

Amongst the services and products offered by the IAS are:

  • Attendance at financial results presentations and investment briefings by JSE listed companies.
  • Attendance at masterclasses arranged by the Society for its members on market developments, macro-economic events, investment procedures and strategies and presentations by the authors of top articles published in the Investment Analysts Journal.
  • Free access to all articles published in the Investment Analysts Journal (IAJ), which is owned by the Society, and is the most prestigious publication of its sort on the African Continent.
  • Invites to Investor Days, organised by JSE listed companies.
  • Free access as a member to the IAS internet-based Investor Portal, which provides online access to company presentations and archives, research and masterclasses.
  • The networking opportunities offered by the Society are invaluable in the investment industry.

Membership of the Society requires the completion of the Application Form and the payment of annual membership fees.

There is also a Code of Conduct, which is a critical component of membership of a professional Society of this sort.

Please send in the completed application form, plus your signature to the Guide to Behaviour and Conduct by Members.

This goes through to IAS monthly board meeting for approval and applicants will be notified and billed within a day thereof.

R 1,300.00 annual membership subscription which runs to end of December 2024

The Society has agreed to extend membership to bona-fide students, who are studying for qualifications, at a registered tertiary institution, that could enable them to become full members of the IAS in due course, as part of the investment and financial industry in South Africa.

The requirements for this category of membership of the Investment Analysts Society are:

  • Enrolment at a registered tertiary institution.
  • The pursuit of a qualification/s that would enable the student to eventually join the ranks of investment professionals in South Africa, or further afield.
  • Proof of such enrollment at a tertiary institution, including the signature of the Head (or their delegate) of the relevant faculty.

Payment of the R400 per student membership fee.

Complete the form below and click on Submit:

IAS – Full Membership Application Form and Guide to Behaviour and conduct by Members

IAS – Student Membership Application Form and Guide to Behaviour and conduct by Members

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